Smart. Unique. Advanced

First full carbon smart drone controlled with your mobile phone.
Welcome to sky where we can challenge limits!

Fly longer up to 40 minutes

Carbon fiber body is light and at the same time mechanically strong to carry around and allows to fly faster, longer, further for more impressive shots.

Erida is created considering three basic attributes – intelligibility, simplicity and visual attractiveness for every user to take photos and do filming without any previous experience and knowledge.


Max flight time


Max speed


100% carbon body


Flight modes

-15°C to 40°C Operating temperature


Stabilized Gimbal

Customizable camera

Phone as controller

Easy to use with your phone. Drone is controlled by an intuitive and easy to use with Erida’s mobile app, making flying a seamless activity, in both Operation & Auto Modes.

Erida takes off automatically and performs self-check. Intelligent flight - Erida belly is a motorized Gimbal to stabilize the included high resolution YI 4K Camera for the smoothest shooting possible.

Download Erida App - coming soon

Read more about YI 4K Camera

Optic Flow

Erida uses aircraft grade optical velocity detection for consistent speed and accurate hovering


For safe, laser guided navigation over terrain


For precise positioning in the environment

Fly safe

Erida equipped with laser scanner which provides for the ready height of the flight and makes it smooth and safe in low altitude. The laser will command it to go higher if surface starts elevating.

Aerodynamic shape

Compact design

3 rotor design 1

Tricopter Erida - fast, agile, intelligibility, simplicity and visual attractiveness. Patented folding wings offering a compact design that makes it portable and easy to carry.

Designed to create the best experience in the aerial photography and filming that people have ever had.

Convenience and hands-free
Carbon bag easily puts Erida inside even with props applied. Insert the battery and enjoy the flight.